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What does a Chemist do?

A chemist first of all studies Chemistry which includes chemicals and matter. Chemistry is a study that of molecular and atomic levels that explains how the elements combine together in order to form different substances. The role of a chemist is to measure reaction rates, proportions and other properties of substances to understand the processes and their movements.

A chemist must not be confused with the pharmacist in the U.S. The person specialized in this field must have at least bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and should start his career by working for the same. Apart from academic courses, one has to take experience in understanding the procedure. Most popular places where a chemist can build his career are academic, industry and government work. Students who are undergraduates take up mathematics and physics along with chemistry for getting good knowledge of general science. With bachelor’s degree, a chemist can get employed in a wide range of positions, but if he/she wants to get into academia, then the qualification must be at least master’s or doctoral degrees so that they can easily teach the classes or conduct researches on their own.

What does a Chemist do

Now the field of chemistry has been divided into various subfields where one field elaborates analytical chemistry (learning chemical composition and structure) and biochemist studies that includes chemical reactions and chemical interactions that are formed within organisms. Other than this, there is physical chemistry that includes chemical systems and processes on physical fundamental level where the study will be with physical structures of atoms and molecules that interact. Chemists are also commonly found in scientific fields such as biology, physics, medicine, engineering, and forensic science. They are employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, fuel extraction, chemical manufacturing, and scientific research fields. Since this is a broad field, chemist are found in almost every imaginable area of employment.

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