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What is a Data Entry Clerk?

Many people search for data entry job which is generally a big field that includes various types of work. When it comes to data entry clerk, it is a different job or can be said an important task handled by a typist, word processor or transcriptionist. In fact, this job may also include data/information into several existing programs. For more information read what is a data entry clerk.

Clerks in this segment feed information into programs that are being developed. One needs good typing speed, speed on numbers as compared to what they should have in letters, knowledge of office and data programs, accuracy in typing, punctuation and grammar, and good spelling. In fact, a person working as a data entry clerk should at least have a high school diploma done before applying for this post. The requirement for data entry personnel is increasing year-by-year, more because people started using computer to store all information in databanks. To fill the data, data entry clerks are required who have good skills to feed quickly.

Data Entry Clerk

As per US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the US jobs for this post is declining and will continue the same. The major reason for this decline is due to the outsourcing of work to other countries where companies make their job done at minimal cost. So, if in case you want to grow your career in this field, you need to improve your skills and knowledge. Also, you may have to perform other office duties, learn info about office programs, or learn how to program other than just data input.

Most of the clerks are hired for full time job, but many also take work from home or part time. Only the field may be different. You may work for hospital, government agency or a credit card company. The job description may remain almost similar, but the work processes will differ. Along with this, you may also enjoy the act of typing accurately, but may start feeling bored after a certain period of time for same continuous work.

What is a Data Entry Clerk

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