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What is RSVP?

The term “RSVP” is commonly used on an invitation. It is an acronym and to be more precise an initialize, which is used for a French phrase, repondez s’il vous plait that means “respond if you please.” In a simple way it is requesting your guests to respond to the invitation. Many times the invitations stamped with RSVP include a RSVP card as well as an envelope, which makes responding easier. Sometimes the phrase “response requested” is used, which essentially means the same thing.

If you are organizing a local party, then the first thing that strikes your mind would be invitation. On the other hand, the presence of people living at a distant location is genuinely appreciated. It is important that you provide them proper information regarding date and location of your party with the invitation. This will help them in making proper travel plans. You can also send “save the date” card before sending the formal party invitation. This will create awareness among the guests about the upcoming event. We tend to sent invitations to distant family members to important events such as weddings, initiations and graduations, as a courtesy, however they are not expected to attend the event.

What is RSVP

Similarly, if you receive an invitation to any such event which won’t be attending and the invitation card includes a RSVP card, then you can politely check “not attending.” You can also include a brief note to express your regrets. On the other hand, if it does not have a response card, then you can get in touch with person whose contact details are mentioned on the card. You do not have to delve your reasons for not attending the event, but appropriately you should respond within three days, when you receive the invitation. This will help the hosts by knowing that he should not expect you at the event.

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