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What Is a Resume?

A resume is a brief document that carries all individual experience including work experience, educational qualification and other activities. This becomes important to create as it is the identification of securing a job interview. In some of the regions, the word is used differently like Curriculum Vitae (CV).

A resume is an important document that an individual needs to send for applying any job or internship. It is sometimes also useful in graduate and professional schools. Basically, this document is created of one page and in some cases, two or three. However, it is considered that more pages should not be kept in resume. The standard pages should be one-two. For a good resume, one needs to include all basic details about the applicant and should be managed in such as way that the reader find it easy to read the perfect format.

What Is a Resume

Starting from contact details, the applicant should include work experience, educational qualifications, skill sets, relevant certifications or awards, and others. Applicants are also recommended to add contact information for reference purposes, though it is not necessary. A good resume should be designed which explains the applications ability towards professionalism and nature. If you find it uncomfortable then always a professional’s advice should be taken for creating a better resume. At the end, an applicant can also add hobbies or favorite matters to the resume to make it more personalized, giving opportunities to the reader to understand your skills, nature and interest levels.

In countries, where CV and Resume are distinguished, CV is a more detailed document which includes life accomplishments which ranges from awards earned from school level till date. Everything is mentioned in chronological manner with work experience at the beginning. A CV in this matter may me several pages longer.

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