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What is a court order?

Court order is a legal document in which court orders a person to perform specific art, set court date or legally establish something. A court order requires an individual to pay a specific amount of money to another party involved in it. Some court orders are used to set a date which specifies which party is involved which case. Some other court orders may establish the relationship between parties in a case.

In many cases, court order is either given in writing or is signed by a judge. In some places judge’s signature isn’t just enough; an order has to be notarized to make it official. There are even many cases where a court order is given orally in open court and such order is recorded in courts transcripts and is not given to parties in writing.

Court Order

A person may suffer penalties for failing to follow the instructions given in the court. That is , a person may lose a case, if fails to show up in the court at the date and time given in the court. If a defendant fails to appear for his trial session, then he may be arrested and put into jail for some time, as he is not following the court rules.

There are many types of court orders but the most familiar one is the restraining order. This order requires a person to stay away from another party. It even prohibits a party from talking to specific individual on phone. A person is said to remain at a specific distance from another party. The main reason behind this is to prevent them from harassment and threatening behavior.

What is a Court Order

Another familiar type of order is a custody order. In this, order stipulates that parents must have custody of a couple’s minor children. It may give both parties specific type of custody, such as individual custody, in which, any one of the parent has the right to have his or her children live with him/her. If the joint custody is ordered, then the child has to live his parents for specific period instead of living with only one parent.

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