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What Is a Stenographer?

Shorthand is a writing skill which is used to write oral communications in fast and effective manner. And for that stenographers are recruited by various establishments. The role of stenographer is very important in an oral interaction. Shorthand is a practice of writing languages in shortened symbols that is learned by stenographers. In a meeting, stenos write transcript which helps to recall the communications that are made. It is more convenient and organized way than to record audio-visuals. Some stenos are specially trained for steno types – a short hand typewriter, which also helps in translating their notes to readable content.

For getting into this type of profession, one should first know what is a stenographer and his/her role. Stenographers work as a court correspondent. They transcript all the conversations held in a court including what judge, witness and lawyer says. Whenever there is need to recall for statements made within the case for any dispute, stenos show the references through their transcripts straight away. Such records are also helpful to the lawyers involved in a case who can any time refer the records for their sake. Judges may go through the case again before giving any final judgment.

In order to be perfect for what a steno writes they have to cross check with audio records if available. Stenographer double checks the transcript against audio records and make important changes. If the errors are too minute still they have to change the differences to be faultless in their records.


Stenos have many roles to play and they mainly get in demand in the business world where permanent records of corporate filing is done for every meeting held. Nevertheless, they have the opened doors for getting their skills work into corporate world. Stenographer’s records are sometimes useful for taking final decision on a controversial issue of a corporate company.

To become a stenographer, lot of awareness and concentration is needed. Work to a precision is must to get recruited. No learners are appointed for any steno jobs. Stenos who want to get in to this job should have mentally alert, immediate and to be able to work for longer time. There are Universities who provide degree education programs but one has to be specialized and have a sound knowledge before entering to a job. Shorthand writing is taught within the education program. Further they can improvise their skills and meet requirements with the help of equipment like stenotype.

Stenotypes are typewriter-like machines that are small in size and hold a small display.  The keys consist of words combination and symbols of shorthand, making it easier for a trained steno to type a transcript. There is a technology of dictating the conversation proceedings to make notes of the speech. In this a steno repeats the speech into a segregated mask. The speech is then automated and instantly turns the aural in to a printable text.

For government jobs like court reporters, one has to get a certificate from a well recognized institute. The seeker often has to go through many examinations and exercises. But at the end, to meet the requirement all the skills are important with certificate in hand.

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