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What does a legal assistant do?

A legal assistant is a trained person who is certified from the state or government agencies. He performs variety of jobs for supervising lawyers. The legal assistance cannot give legal advice to anyone, cannot represent people in the court or sign any legal Legal Assistantdocuments, except in the ability of a notary if the person has been certified. Many people are trained to become paralegal by either two-year or four-year degree courses at the college level and they should be given a secretarial work, legal research and writing to perform their jobs competently.

Legal assistant can do many things as employed by a lawyer or any law firm. They are able to draft contracts and other legal documents which are then reviewed by the lawyers to conform specifically the requirements of the client and the law. They can also perform a legal research which will help you support the arguments in the court settling.

The legal assistance performs preliminary interviews of clients or witnesses. If he is appointed in a real estate field, then he should be present at the closing of real estate sales. Through training, they come into the field of work in any area, but in that their own interest may further help legal assistant to specialize in certain kind of law.

Qualities which are required for a good legal assistant include the following:

  • Eye for detail and skill to edit carefully
  • Excellent writing and research skills
  • Good customer service skills, since the client interaction is usually involved
  • Knowledge of the law, the area you plan to work
  • Computer skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • General office and secretarial skills

What does a legal assistant do

Some legal assistant are not legally trained and they have no experience in the law they make for valuable assets to individual lawyers. Whereas other lawyers prefer to hire paralegals who have some experienced training.

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