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What Is Legal Action?

Read what is legal action to improve your knowledge about law. It refers to the process of setting up a court case. It is very commonly used by people in every country where court system is followed or in the U.S. and most of the developed countries.

Legal action is taken when the court allows the state to try accused criminals with the presence of jury or judge to determine the guilt. People settle down with the conclusion given by the judge in front of public that the accused person is guilty of crime or is innocent. Considering the law of the United States, there are two main types of legal action – private action and public action. Public action is termed when the state organizes a legal proceeding against the accused person. In this matter, if a person takes the accused one to court in front of jury for determination, this becomes legal action. Therefore, people connected to the case have to visit the court as the system made.

Legal Action

Legal action also occurs between private citizens. The legal system combines rights, obligations and duties of each citizen which everyone has to follow. All such rights are protected by tort law that lets someone to sue for monetary damages if he/she is injured by another person through negligence or other intentional acts. If private contract is created between two parties, then contract law also enters in where damages are recorded for conclusive result.

If anyone is willing to bring an action in court, he/she may have already suffered something wrong that forces him/her to get justice. However, the case must be strictly connected to law. The legal action is initiated to stop or prevent the wrong behavior carried by some individuals for their benefits.

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