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What Is a Mortgage?

Do you know what is a mortgage? If not then read this article as it enfolds important details that ensures improving your knowledge to a significant level.

A mortgage is a loan which is taken by a buyer to pay off a piece of property to the seller. The buyer owes the lender with total amount he has borrowed along with the interest rate and fees. In terms of guarantee of payment, the lender holds the deed or ownership of mentioned property until the buyer pays his mortgage completely. However, the buyer uses the property as if it were already his or her own.

Different types of mortgage loans are available to suit different needs of particular buyers. It also depends on the person’s financial situation and long term plans. Some people plan to stay in their house for a specific duration for say 40 years. And others make short term plans as investment in property to enjoy the real estate benefits. Therefore, right client with right loan is very important as it also includes time and energy of both buyer and lender.

Many fees that are covered in mortgage loan can be negotiated including terms that are associated to such loans – closing fees, annual percentage rate and points. Many time people hunt for mortgage in advertisements which is not always the cheapest solutions as they can even include possible hidden charges. If asked from experts, comparing the annual percentage rate of loan can help buyer determine whether it is expensive or less expensive. However, when it comes to law, all the fees and sum have to be added in the calculation. Often APR or the annual percentage rate is not advertised to attract buyers and the buyer in return thinks that he/she is getting at cheaper rate. Therefore, entire detail is must before dealing with anything.


If a buyer is putting 20 percent of buying price in cash, then he can expect the interest rates to be lower. This also eliminates the Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI which is required for buyers with little or no equity. PMI is the amount which is considered when the buyer is unable to make payment and in his place PMI will make the payment. In order to protect their investments, lenders need PMI. This is mainly considered when the buyer pays less than 20 percent of cash. This is must to consider because at initial stage the mortgage with interest and fees remain higher than the price of the property. If the PMI expires and the buyer still fails to pay the mortgage, the lender can expel the buyer from that property and sell it to recoup losses.

Mortgage loans can be variable, fixed rate, long term, or short term. It entirely depends on many factors where right loan is must. Therefore, before you go with mortgage, you better take advices from professionals and educate yourself for the same. Look for options and shop around to get the best plan and lender.

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