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What is the Rigveda?

Rigveda is Sanskrit ancient text and is considered to be sacred for people who follow Hindu religion. Rigveda is a part of Vedas – a very popular collection of text in Hindu religion. The Vedas are the main part of Hindu religion and they explain the religion, different Hindu gods and all the details that should be performed by Hinds. Rigveda is very popular not only in India but also all over; it is considered to be a remarkable text in Hinduism.

According to religious scholars, Rigvedais one of the oldest region based text in this world. It is largely believed that first written part had emerged in 1500 BCE and scholars also say that Rigveda has passed through the generations orally before it appeared in written form. Rigveda is written in form of hymns and it is said it was written so in order to make it easy for reciting and passing down.

Rigveda has 1,028 hymns and they all belong to different gods in Hinduism. A lot of the hymns were first made for singing during different religious rituals such as sacrifices and there are also stories about different deeds done by Hindu gods. It is believed that Vedas weren’t written by people but were revealed directly just like Christian’s Bible.


Rigveda is oldest among Vedas. The period in which the Vedas were composed is known as Vedic period. The exact date of Vedas isn’t known yet but it is believed that they were written somewhere between 184BCE and 1500BCE. All research done in the past strongly support this fact that Rigveda was the oldest of Vedas and there are a lot of distinctive features in it which support the fact it was composed before other Vedas. Some also say that Rigveda was completed by start of Vedic period.

Rigveda verses are often recited in religious ceremonies, weddings, and other such events of Hindu religion. There are a lot of translations of Rigveda published to date and they have all tried hard to retain the orginal content of Rigveda. There are Rigveda manuscripts displayed in various museums and many of them are illustrated ornately and lavishly. All these scriptures show the richness of Indian culture.

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