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What is road rage?

Road rage relates to hostile acts which are done by frustrated or angry drivers and this might include incidents like vehicular homicide or tailgating. Road rage prevalence has increased a lot in past few years and psychologists now classify it as mental disorder. A lot of drivers who are victims of sudden emotional out-bursts or some inappropriate actions are said to suffer with intermittent explosive disorder. Not all of road rage incidents are attributed to mental disorder though. Some experts say that drivers take to aggressive behaviour from their parents or by watching examples of road rage simulation on TV.

Even in best conditions, driving can be pretty stressful. Even experienced drivers sometimes struggle with everyday driving and there are possibilities of accidents lurking around. Drivers are responsible for keeping their passengers safe while travelling. There are different elements which need to be considered and hence there are drivers who are too defensive or anxious while driving. If drivers commit anything reckless or wrong, then results can get explosive and any uncontrolled reactions like these are considered to be road rage.

An important concern in road rage incident is the escalation. If another vehicle cuts off aggressive driver at any intersection, then offended driver might start with expletives or blow horn excessively. Road rage can be avoided with if irate driver pulls for calming down for some time or accepts that this incident is minor disturbance. On the other hand, the driver might get too outraged and then decide on punishing other driver. When there is escalation of road rage, the driving of the person might get reckless or erratic. Frustration and anger over rides good judgement and driver might get consumed with payback or vengeance notions. There have been road rage cases with weapon assault, vehiclular homicide and other such physical assaults.

Road rage
A lot of driving schools teach the students defensive techniques of driving which are designed for reducing the severity and number of such accidents. There are drivers which make mistakes in defensive driving and aggressive driving and this can result in road rage. The anticipating accidents and errors in driving is good practice and aggressive driving stirs powerful emotions in drivers. A good way to reduce the road rage incidents is to avoid aggressive manoeuvres in driving. Passing any slow moving vehicle slowly is 1 thing but tail gating it with abrupt change of lane and increase in speed is termed as road rage. Intrinsically speaking, it is recommended that drivers shouldn’t get on road while they are too emotional.

Laws for road rage incidents are different for different states. Lot of drivers are victims of road rage but they are only charged with minor traffic violations like failure in speeding or giving signal. Depending on event, some might get charged with serious offenses like aggressive or reckless driving. If there is any damage done to property or vehicle of other driver then civil suit may be filed. There are states which charge the drivers with road rage crime but in extreme cases, chargers might be car homicide or attempt for murder with the car. Road rage events are usually short lived and hence driver might not show any emotional impairment signs while arrested.

Experts say that best way in dealing road rage incidents is to recognize the anger level and take adequate steps in keeping cool before getting on trip. Simply stopping your car might be enough to prevent any escalation. Driving experts often suggest that they should keep laminated sign of SORRY at hand for any driving errors which may be caused. People who are involved in road rage often say that just an apology might be enough in preventing escalation. Considering all the injuries and deaths which are caused in road rage incidents, simple apology sign might be good way for saving property and lives.

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