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What is a Sufi?

Sufis are followers of Islam religion and they promote and emphasize of mystical Islamic faith which is called Sufism. This Islamic expression is based on writings of Shayk Adhmad Zarruq and considered by lot of people to be master of Sufism. He wrote The Principles of Sufism in 15th century which was considered to be important work in Sufi discipline.

All Muslims say that one can come close with Deity after death and people who aspire to connect to God with Sufi say that one can close to Divine while being alive. On that end, people who practice Sufi practice a branch of Islam which is quite contemplative in the nature. Brotherhoods of Sufi are called Tariqa and they give opportunities to the individuals to worship and live together for practising such mysticism.


The practitioners and masters of Sufi use stories or parables for illustrating their faith. Apart from parables, allegory and metaphors are also used commonly. The individuals seek to transcend different aspects of existence and see that existence isn’t divided strictly in to spiritual and temporal aspects. Such artificial boundaries are abandoned and Sufi believes that it is possible for seeing life as part of eternity and recognizing deep connection with eternal.

Underlying principle in Sufi practice and faith isn’t just to acquire understanding but to experience connection with the God that is enduring and just subject to any corruption from outward influences. It is believed that the life of a Sufi is an eternal one and once his life passes from earth, he goes and enters spiritual realm. Faithful Sufi engages in different experiences of personal learning which are linked with prayer and contemplation periods for achieving greater understanding. From such perspective, Sufis mystics can have some similarities with other religions in the world like Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism which contain elements of Gnosticism and mysticism.

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