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What are paid reviews?

Reviewing something means evaluating it. Evaluation relies on personal knowledge of the reviewer or any experience about the item. Paid reviews are the ones which the evaluator is paid for. Some people often question this idea as people who are paid to write reviews often get biased.

There are advertisements which look for people for writing paid reviews and they appear on sites having lines like ‘work at home’ or ‘make money online’. Some are seen on freelancing writing sites as well. Due to this, people often wonder if the reviews are indeed written after evaluation or just a way to make quick money. Some people might see it in this way but there are also people who take this profession seriously.

If you see any review online which is written very well then it might be the work of any professional writer. A lot of people give credence to such reviews as writers don’t just cook up anything to make extra money; they are more concerned about their profession. They might do few paid reviews on services or products which are already tried by them. But this doesn’t mean that any review that is written poorly is untrue. Some might be pleased to write about any product even if it is not his forte.

Paid Reviews
It is usually suggested that paid transparent reviews which are written by reviewer who has been paid to by the seller of goods are more ethical. There is possibility that people who have been paid to write reviews have written content that is biased and can be less accurate. For getting a feel of what biased or impartial reviews are like; you should read the different reviews that are available on internet. Such reviews should contain some negative aspects about the product.

Also, you should remember that profession of writing paid reviews isn’t exactly lucrative as a career. Lot of people who write such reviews don’t get lot of money. People who write these reviews only get small share of advertisement revenue which appears on same page. It isn’t a lot of money and might be around few cents a month.

Also paid reviews can mean that reviewer was paid by the trade. There are free memberships for website, free newsletters, trial versions, and free samples given in exchange for reviews. Most people usually aren’t concerned about this because if people stick around, join sites, read newsletters, and try products then their reviews will be positive for good reason.

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