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What are UFO conspiracy theories?

UFO stories are very famous. We all have at least one such story to share. And to add more stories to UFO, the government hatches up some or the conspiracy story relating to UFO. And the modern pop culture flaunts the UFO stories like fairytale. This has created a fascination for the whole outer space thingies. Here is a list of few of the UFO conspiracy theories that you must have not known yet.

It is said that a 13000 year old satellite is hovering our planet. This satellite is known as the Black Knight. A man named Nikola Tesla discovered the existence after he start receiving radio signals. While a Scottish writer named Duncan Lunan said that this satellite that is orbiting our planet is nothing but a space probe. This spaceship according to Lunan holds the map to a far off alien planet called Epsilon Bootis. And the radio signals are nothing but the inhabitants communicating with us. While according to some it is nothing but space junk.

Douglas McArthur could foresee a future of human and the alien war. In a speech during 1955 he said that all the countries of the world should come together as one as the next war will be of humans against the outer space people. The general was also a a member of a government agency that supposedly investigated in UFOs and aliens.

Another theory states that President John Kennedy has sent astronauts to a far off planet called Serpo. This whole theory came up right before a new theory of saving the life of an alien whose spaceship had crashed in Roswell. Also it says that the alien was quite generous and he extended a hand of friendship. Further he even asked humans to come and visit his place. So, those astronauts reached to the aliens hometown nearly after 17 light years. They ended up spending some quality time on Serpo for about 10 years. And yes two astronauts returned while two stayed up there and the remaining died on the way.

And the very new theory is that of the disappearing of Malaysian Airline Flight MH370. Even the modern technology could not track this airplane. The theory states that this plane was abducted by a UFO in mid flight. Also the head of Malaysian air force officer stated that their radar had picked up on some signals of UFO near the area where the plane went missing.

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