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What are the high-ticket dodge cars?

Dodge is a brand of automobile. Its official name is Dodge Division of Chrysler Group LLC. This automobile company was set up by two brothers named John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1900. Well, here is the list of the high-priced dodge cars in the world.

[CBC show=”y” country=”es, us”]1. Dodge Viper GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition 1998: To give a tough competition in the 1997 FIA GT2, the Dodge Viper was created. And then 100 of such modified cars were sold. The modified cars were better than the original which has GTS rate of 460hp and 500lb.ft of torque.[/CBC]

2. Dodge Dart HEMI: Its first model came out in 1968 for $150,000 and then it was kept on producing until the late 1970’s. And in 2013 a total different version of this car was unleashed. The turn light in the grille were moved inward and in a round shape. Also side marker lights were introduced to the front fenders and at the rear panels.

3. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR 2008: This particular type of car has been know for decades now. But this 2008 has special features like 511 cubic inches of V-10 and a rear wheel drive without any electronic oversight save ABS. Since the past this car’s engine has been modified. The horsepower is 460 and the torque is 500lb.ft and all this at $200,000.

4. Dodge SRT Viper Vivid 2013: Again a new version of Dodge SRT Viper Vivid which is very similar to the original one. However this one comes for $280,000. This new version has LED headlights, tail lights and a really awesome restyled hood. The car is 100 pounds lighter and has stop tech breaks. It also has the most expensive interiors with Sebelt seats, a customizable cluster display and audio system.

5. Dodge Viper SRT10 Heffner Twin Turbo 2004: Another Dodge Viper for $350,000 but this one is particularly used for drag racing. Also this is the fastest Viper on Earth. It has a modified V10 engine that gives a horsepower of 1100.

6. Dodge Charger Daytona 1969: The name for this car is derived from Dayton beach, Florida. Also this place was initially a car racing place. The main motive for the building of this car was to win the high profile NASCAR races. The car kept on winning races.

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