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What is a rice bucket challenge?

The rice bucket challenge is somewhat same to the ice bucket challenge. The rice bucket challenge started in India and then spread out to other South Asian nations. As mentioned earlier, the rice bucket challenge originated out of the ice bucket challenge. But in the ice bucket challenge the nominated participants are supposed to pour ice water over their head whereas in the rice bucket challenge, you are supposed to donate a bucket of rice to the poor.

The rice bucket challenge served as a dual purpose and did not add to wastage of water. This challenge was considered valuable as not only the nominated people were donating rice to the poor but they were also donating a good amount of money.

The credit for rice bucket challenge goes to an Indian journalist, Manju Kalanidhi. According to the 38-year-old Hyderabadi journalist, the ice bucket challenge was artificial and lead to wastage of water. And that is how she came up with the rice bucket challenge which was not leading to a wastage rather helping the poor and the needy.

The whole challenge started with a Facebook page and twitter. With the help of social media, the rice bucket challenge spread to most of the South Asian nations like Nepal and Sri Lanka. It was also started in Philippines by Ingress Philippines. With the help of social media it was then accepted by Ingress Enlightened Philippines Community.

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, did not have much rules and regulations like videotaping yourself and so on.

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