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What is Constructive Criticism?

Constructive criticism, as the name suggests, is a type of criticism that is meant to bring a constructive and positive outcome. It is Constructive criticismgiven by one person to another in a polite manner in order to improve the quality of work or life.

However, there has to be some relationship between the critic and the receiver of the criticism in order to generate a positive outcome. This relationship could be parent to child, spouse to spouse, boss to employee, teacher to student, etc.

Mentioned below are some ways to successfully implement constructive criticism :

  • Criticism should be given in a manner which is not rude or insulting. It should be given in as polite manner as possible.
  • It should be given only if the critic is convinced that the feedback will help the person in doing the job better next time.
  • It is important to make sure that the receiver understands that the critic genuinely wants the receiver to improve. If this is not understood, the receiver might not take it in a positive manner.
  • In order to provide constructive criticism, one can use statements like ‘you must understand…’, ‘It is important to know…’, ‘The difference is …’, etc.
  • Besides, while giving constructive criticism, it is important to ensure that the receiver feels that the critic s with him, and is ready to provide support. So, words that encourage team work are more useful and effective. ‘Let us change…’, ‘We need to make sure …’, ‘Let us together think upon the idea of …’, and similar sentences can be useful.

What is Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is happening everyday with everyone. However, not everyone is aware about it. In most relationships, it is being said on a regular basis. But, when it is not handled properly, conflicts occur.

Conclusion :

This type of criticism is a better way to express your expectations and help others improve their work. However, in order to do it effectively, practice and time is needed. It might not happen in a day or two.

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