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The Change that the Indian Education System Needs

We all have more than once expressed our hatred towards our education system, the grueling system of morning schools and the never ending assignments and no time for play made us hate our school every day. As important education is there is a part of it which is going to get boring as excited you try to make it, and its okay. But what concerns the system for general public is, as we pass out of our schools and colleges we realize, we have been thought so much things which we don’t need our real day to day life, and nothing of life importance was ever thought to us.

The general examples to it involves, the general banking procedures, how to fix electric cods and other minutes fixtures at home, types of documents for various essential occasions. Freshia from her Youtube channel “Whack” which is a channel about all the “ifs, whys, whats, whens and hows” shares with us, general changes and add on to our education system that can bring out more intellectuality in our kids.


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