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What is Aztec Sacrifice?

Aztec was an ethic group of people who resided in Mexico for several centuries starting from 14th century. They dominated major regions of Mesoamerica for several centuries. One f the common custom practiced by Aztec people was human sacrifice to their gods.

Aztec Sacrifice

They believed that the gods needed nourishment in form of human sacrifices. They also believed that continuous and endless sacrifices would avert natural disasters and keep gods happy. So, they kept paying the debt in form of blood and flesh of humans.

Although human sacrifices was a ritual practices by many ethnic groups or sects of people. However, his group, in particular would be remembered for a very long time as it religiously believed in this tradition. This made them sacrifice thousands of people every year. The exact count of sacrifices is difficult to analyze. However, many archeologists and historians suggest that as much as 20,000 people were sacrificed every year, which consisted of 18 months.

What is Aztec SacrificeThe sacrifice was given in various forms and types. The most common was offering blood to the deities. Most people visiting the temple were bound to cut themselves and offer blood.

Aztec sacrifice involved sacrificing people, either from their own empire or their enemies. Some were cut in front of the temple and was left to bleed until death. Some victims were first painted with different colors and others prayed for the acceptance of their offerings. Later, these victims were laid on a flat surface and the heart was taken out and offered to the sun. The dead body would then be pushed to roll down the stairs of the temple.

Some humans were fed to animals, while others were simply killed by chopping their heads. Some were burned, mutilated, drowned, or killed in a fight. Each possible method of killing was used and the body was happily offered to the deities. The emperor used to capture people from other region or enemy’s men, and sacrifice them in front of the temple in his region. The practice ceased to exist long ago. However, it still remains to be one of the dreadful customs in the history of mankind.

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