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9/11 a Terrorist Attack Or a Planned Conspiracy by the USA Government Itself

On the September 11, 2001, Tuesday the peace and daily course of the United States of America was moved with a series of coordinated attacks on the essential locations of the country by the Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group by hijacking four domestic passenger flights. To summarize the entire scenario, two of the flights America Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center complex respectively in New York City. The third plane, America Airlines Flight 77, was crashed into the Pentagon, the headquarters to United States Department of Defense in Arlington County, Virginia, leading to the partial collapse of the building’s western side. The fourth plane, United Airlines, Flight 93, initially was stirred towards Washington DC, but crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers tried to overcome the hijackers.

A total of 3000 people were killed in the whole massacre and more would have died if not for the heroic act by the passengers of Flight 93 and about 6000 people were heavily injured.

A lot of sympathy and courage and support was shared amongst America and was showered by from the Friendly Countries around the Globe. But, as people kept rewatching the events and news that followed, loads of speculations started arising with the pattern of the events that had taken place.

People started questioning and discussing their queries. Some of the Theories that have come up since the massacres are based on solid proof and witnesses will actually make it question if the 9/11 was actually the way it was portrayed out to the world.

  1. One of the major theory amongst people is that George Bush and the Government of USA knew about 9/11 and more so could have been actual minds behind the whole event. Why, so may ask, the tiff between Iraq and USA had been on for a while and USA government needed a reason to go to war against Iraq and this way they could blame Iraq for it.

  1. The World Trade did not collapse because the planes hit them but was a set as controlled demolition by already being bombed on various floors by the Government for the event. This theory came in when people repeatedly watched the collapse of the Twin buildings and observed that it looked just like a demolish. Some witnesses even claim that they saw the explosions going off in the lower floors even before the planes hit the building, some can even point it out in the numerous videos of the massacres.

  1. A lot of scientists even came out and claimed that there was no possibly of the whole buildings falling cause of the regular passenger’s planes crashing into them. The commercial planes are made of quite a light material of Aluminium as they have to fly through the air, so there made no sense that something so light could bring down the complete towers.

  1. The third plane that landed in the western wing of the Pentagon also has its own set of speculations. A commercial plane is 125 feet long, but the hole that was left behind in the pentagon was only 16 feet long, which truly doesn’t make any sense. People’s speculation to the third plane is that it was made to look like a plane while it was a missile that might have actually crashed in the pentagon and that even if it was it should have been shot down before getting into the wing.

  1. The Fourth plane, that was the Flight 93, which didn’t reach it’s actual target and awarded as the Heroic act by the passenger has a whole other level of conspiracy theories to it. One theory claims that the plane didn’t crash because of the fight that was put up the passenger but maybe it was shot down, that is because there was very little debris of the crashed plane at the site of crash that it was hard to even believe if there had been any real airplane crash then they found some debris 10 miles away from the site of crash which would occur if the plane was shot in the air the remaining would spread around a large section of the region. Some witnesses claim they even witness a small military plane fly right after the crash of the airplane. So was that the act through by the Government.

  1. The Second theory to Flight 93, is worse than all of it, some say that the plane landed safely at a silent location and that the people were brought out of the plane and actually executed one by one. And that debris was just a residual of a missile to make it look like the plane had crashed. This makes sense because a lot of Phone calls were made by the passengers from the flight to their families, but scientist claim that making a call from that height during those was a zero possibility. The families of the victims claim that the phone calls that they received were very weird, tons of calls were made to the family member, and this makes no sense that the terrorist would let the passengers the chance to make a call. The callers gave out their full names to their family members, which obviously weird because nobody even in crisis would call out to their family members giving away their full names and the family members also said the voices sounded too robotic and also claimed the calls made them think of the situation as too fishy and left them feeling unsettling.

The theories are overboard, but through the years, many Americas and other people around the world have come to terms with the events and highly believe there was some major part of Government in the whole massacre.

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