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“Beard Culture” more than just a Fashion Trend

The “No Shave November” just a passed us and now is far away from us, the gist by which the beard culture took over the male fashion is still visible as boys and men have started loving their facial hair with the love just like like for sports and cars. Fashion trends that get popular are most of the time female oriented and the arrival of beard trend sure gave a tough competition to other fashion trends.

What is today a popular fashion trend has originally had its roots in the cultures of the people since centuries and hold a lot more meaning than just desire to look desirable. Beards are considered in a lot of cultures as the breeder of a male’s ego. The flow of a beard is the prosperity it will bring in a man’s life.

If you are anything aware of Islam culture you have known for their dedication and attachment with their beards, some even dye the hair on the chin just like their Prophet Mohammed did and say 1400 years ago. Jews also wear beard to make themselves stand apart from the crowd.


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