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10 Real Life Situations that We Should Have been Trained For in School

Raise your hands if you loved school for any other reason apart from your Friends! We have all through the years have hated school for numerous reasons, studies making it to the top of the list. Whenever a topic of education and school arises, there starts the vast form of discussion on why school sucked, and what potential things we should actually have learned during our schooling years.

One of the most important form of education we missed in school was the physical and practical form of education. The Schools and Education systems rely so much on the theories and the numbers every student is scoring at the end of every year, that scientist says, its bringing out most mundane batch of students.

A human brain is capable of so much actions, but they all die down due to the seven hours long mundane sit and study system. In Real World, everything is done on the pace of the foot which slows down because of all the years of liveliness kids spent completing their never ending homework they were loaded with.

Here, are ten important Real life things that we should have actually been thought in school.


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