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Did You Know Pakistan Hosts Highest Number of Polo Fields in the World

Muslims religion has for a long time been looked down upon for several terror that has come from the ISIS troupe of people. It’s the ISIS people who have this misconception in their mind that their Islamic religion has it in it to spread this terror, by their misguided knowledge of their own religion has tarnished the image of one of the most prestigious religions around the world.

Thus, numerous and almost all Islamic countries and their people are hence degraded and looked on with doubt forever by other societies. People in all the ISIS set image of themselves have forgotten or are unaware of so much beauty and positive that do exists in these Islamic nations.

One such nation is Pakistan, which infamous for its links with Osama Bin Laden and their never completely shut dispute with India. Thus, we decided to search through Pakistan for people to know that there is so much to Pakistan than just terror attacks and Osama Bin Laden. And we were surprised with quite a lot of things.

Here, are just a few out of the bundle of good things Pakistan consists in itself. You are sure going to be amazed by the beauty of the snow-clad regions and the hills Pakistan has in its.


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