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What truly happened on the Assassination of President John. F. Kennedy

The United States of America has just recently incumbent it’s 45th President, who has already made it to news since a year now and mostly not for reasons the people of United States would like to have. In fact, the majority of the population is completely anti of their President, and the world still wonders how did Trump end up winning the Presidency for the USA. But, we are not here to talk about the current President’s affairs but rather the one, who if would have been alive, the world would have been better placed to live in and also would also have been celebrating its Centenary.

The 35th President of USA of America, John. F. Kennedy was the second born to the preceding seven kids to John Fitzgerald Kennedy born on May 29th, 1917 who then was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in front of hundreds of people who were present to see the USA President and the Dallas Governor put up a rally. President Kennedy thus just served two years of Presidency and was then followed by the then Vice President Lyndon. B. Johnson.

The United States of America was victim to the fourth Assassination of their President with the death of John f. Kennedy. Previously, Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865), James. A. Garfield (March 1881-September 1881) and William McKinley (1897-1901) were also assassinated during their Presidency period.

But, the Death of John. F. Kennedy brought along numerous wage actions on the part of the authorities, as the President didn’t receive the deserved investigation, and on further research there consist numerous loopholes in the final investigation.

Here are the numerous theories that have come to light over the years by people’s research and work:-


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