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Will the Earth Really End in the Year 3797 as predicted by Baba Vanga?

The future is one place that is yearned by millions but hasn’t been acquired by any as of yet. The curious characteristic of the human nature to proceed and break all the barriers natural or not has made it discover and invent millions of things that have made our lives a luxury while also destroying the natural elements of the world.

So many people wake up to picking up their newspaper and reading the predictions for their day made by the psychics for their zodiac sign. The urge to know about the situation before it’s occurrence carried along by many is what keeps these psychics into their business. Is seeing or predicting future a real thing we would never really be 100% sure, but time and time again, there have been situations were the words passed on by these psychics have come through after several years of their predictions.

Baba Vanga was one such person, who came around to be predicting the incidents for the future years long before their actual occurrence. Baba Vanga was a normal girl born in Strumica, then in the Ottoman Empire, the present-day Republic of Macedonia on 31st January,1911. She did have a struggled birth as she was a premature baby who suffered from health complications. Born Bulgarian the girl had a normal lifestyle until the age of 12, during when she went missing for a few days in the storm that had come upon the town, she lost her sight in the tragic event but claimed to be acquired with the powerful vision for future. During the storm when she went missing was the time when she had one of her first visions. She soon gained popularity as soon her prediction about her own government started coming true, and many high profiled people started visiting her to know about their future.

She died in the year of 1996, at the age of 85 due to Brest Cancer, though before her death too she made some crucial predictions. One of it being that the 44th President of the United States of America would be an African American which came true with the election of Barack Obama in the year 2012. But, as the continuation to that very prediction Baba Vanga said that the African American President would be the last of America’s President, which recently was proven false with the election of Donald Trump.

Know more of her predictions that came true and other predictions she left behind her for coming years to follow.


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