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What is Ascot Ladies Day, Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2012?

Ladies day that is celebrated at the Royal Ascot is an annual event in England celebrating the aristocracy of flat racing meeting. On this day several ladies (and men) come together and celebrate the event during the Ascot Gold Cup in June.


Royal AscotThe history of Royal Ascot Ladies Day is very similar to that of the racecourse. Before this event was introduced, race meetings were one of the very important occasions, as it was attended by important people and aristocrats from all over the England.

The third day of the royal meeting was specifically significant as it attracted most number of people. On this day, many people displayed their wealth by means of jewellery, clothes, vehicles, etc. This attracted female visitors, who started attending the event to check out the latest fashion.

The person who is credited with the introduction of Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot is Beau Brummel. He advised Prince Regent to allow only men in formal wear to attend the third day of the event.

Dress Code

Dressing is an important element of this event, as its history is closely related to fashion and dress code. The third day sees the most number of visitors with men coming in formal attire, and women in summer dresses or dress suits with a big hat. Royal Ascot Ladies Day, sometimes also casually described as Oscar of Hats, is a beautiful display of various kinds of hats. Many women wear innovative, bizarre and expensive hats, mostly to outdo others.

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Royal Possession

Apart from the hats, a major attraction of Royal Ascot Ladies Day meeting is the royal possession. Before the start of the first day, the Royal family travels the full distance of the racecourse (one mile). It is expected that Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2012 is expected to attract the high number of visitors.

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