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Five Old School and Crucial Advices to Become a Better Photographer

Photography has long been here, but if we had to look back in the ancestral version of today’s photography it far different and constricted than today and yet we have some amazing pictures that made it be a part of history. With today’s technology and installation of the camera in simplest of a phone and numerous other gadgets, shooting pictures and films have become almost a cake walk. And many will agree to it that this level of ease may be actually ruining the quality of photographers skills themselves. Thus, here are five unique pieces of advice we would like to recommend that have come by a Youtuber named Jared Polin who is himself a professional photographer and daily shares tips and tutorials about Photography its gadgets and so much more.

1. Cover Up Your LCD:-
His First advice includes going old school by banning the use of your LCD screens which are nowadays available in every range of the camera. The LCD screen you an amazing view of the frame in front of you no doubt in that, but it wasn’t a thing available in old times, which allowed the photographer to sharpen his sense of frames and disposition of the object, which is reducing in us with the use of the direct facility LCD screen.

2. 36 Film Rolls Rule:-
When Digitization wasn’t embedded in the camera’s and photographers still depended upon the Film rolls, the Photographers were more focused and chose their moments wisely to save from wasting the rolls. With the technique of Continuous Shot available, we forget the patience and sharpness of focus and shoot multiple pictures, just to increase our post-shoot work to chose the right picture from 50 similar shots.

3. Learn From Others:-
This one is not difficult to do, is never limited to a particular profession or skill, so similar to other things, always be open to learning from others about new technologies, skills, and everything. Social media is the most easily accessible platform today and learning from people’s work thus becomes easier that way. But make sure to never copy someone else in the path learning from someone, because copying is never rewarded.

4. See & Capture:-
The World is a beautiful fusion of Green and Blue from above but in our eyes view the colours don’t end there. The world is filled with colours, emotions and moments. Photography is all about expressing what you see through your camera. So never get lazy to seize a moment in your camera.

5. Don’t Crop:-
Many Photographers and experts quite often advice to capture a picture keeping a wide range of frame just so you can choose your final frame just by basically cropping off the unwanted. But, in this whole process of making it easy for yourself, we always end up ruining the quality of the image. Cropping images always disturbs the pixels of the image ruining a perfect quality picture to grains as we keep zooming in on them. The grainy quality of the picture is then visible when we have to print the picture in larger sizes.

These are some crucial advice to remember and to follow to become sharper photographer than others and also increase the quality of your photos.


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