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Photography Hacks to Bring a Natural Filter to Your Pictures

Every stream has its own flow of hacks. So is the case with Photography too. A good Photo is when a picture needs the least amount of editing and has the best qualities without the help of any editing software. In photography, it is important that the viewers are able to depict the same emotions behinds the picture as you just like it is in paintings. Thus, it’s important that the focus is very well subjected to the desired object or target. Thus, when the role of Depth of Field comes in action. The depth of Field is the dissolution of the background in the image which helps in bringing clear and strong focus on the targeted subject.

There are loads of hacks to bring a certain kind of shade or dreamy effect to the picture just by simply covering a part of a lens while shooting the picture. Here are few things that will for you to achieve the desired effect and save you from tedious post-shoot editing.


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