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Building a Relationship between the Photographer & the Model

Photography is an Art where the photographer is expressing emotions through its pictures and moments that took place in that moment. Portraits make a major part of the whole Photography world. While there are candid portraits where you capture the moment in all it’s naturalness, in portrait shoots you are required to express the emotions you are trying to depicts by actually enacting it.

Thus, the model who the photographer is shooting with and the photographer himself together need to have and easy going friendly or at least comfortable relationship to make the shoot successful. it’s important to try and generate that relationship between the two of them, and if thought about it wisely, it’s the photographer’s responsibility to make the model at comfort.

Thus, some of the tips to make the photographer & model relationship work and for them to have successful photo shoot are:-

1. Communication:-

All the points fall up in this very category. Like any other relation to start and work ahead, it’s important to have a good communication between the two people. Have a coffee together, share general details about each other. Acting is a tough task to do, not all can excel in it. Thus, know your model what they are like, what is their personality. Ask them to list down their basic trait and personality. Ask them what they are expecting off the shoot and share your vision too.

2. Discuss the Idea of the Shoot:-

Like we said above, ask the model about their thoughts for the shoot, and express your vision, detail the emotions and expressions you are looking for, explain your props. it’s always a good idea to discuss the main and the underlining idea of the shoot with the model. Make it up as a story or a scene by scene game.

3. Observation:-

Even after you have inquired above the model’s personality by themselves, look for their body language, most people don’t express themselves such easily and on the first meet itself. Ask if the model has any knowledge about their key or best parts of the body that can be accentuated if they don’t, look for yourself in a polite manner and let them know.

4. Background:-

It’s obvious that any photographer must choose their location beforehand according to the idea of the shoot. Take a stroll around the location with your model, show them the places where what kind of shots can be done. Look for the source of light and the area surrounding that spot.

5. Mood:-

Set the Mood by playing the songs that go with the theme of the shoot, if the shoot is emotional then have soft songs being played if it’s happy and fun shoot play the likewise songs and if the shoot requires energy then play upbeat party like songs.

Finally always, show the pictures in between to the model for their suggestions or feedback and always have them give some instructions or ideas to you for some final pictures. And always stay in contact.

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