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Cultural Description of India through it’s 8 Different Saree Styles

If there is one outfit to define Indian Female Attire, it’s one and only Saree, factually or Stereotypically. One instance to prove the point is when an Indian Female is awarded in or outside India they most probably wear are recommended to wear Saree just so to represent India and its Culture. Sarees are one of the major element of Indian Culture Description. Though we Indian Females carry a love-hate relationship with it, as elegant and figure-accentuating it can be it is hard to get comfortable with and can cause hindrance in some tasks.

But, universally people only know one form of Saree Draping when in fact, in the country with numerous religions and cultural variation the Saree also its various versions which change from region to region in the style drape, material of the cloth and the complete outlook and persona which comes along with it. Here, Buzzfeed shares with us all Eight different kinds of Styles of Sarees India has to provide for its Description.


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