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What is Elimination Communication?

Being a parent is more about being responsible, being kind, and more importantly, it’s about being able to decide. Right from the birth Elimination Communicationof the child, there are several decision a parent has to take. Some of these would include care-taker or baby-sitter? Breast feeding or pasteurized milk? Diapers or cloth?

If you choose diapers, you are one of the many responsible for clogging the world with several millions dirty diapers every month. And if you deice cloth, you decide taking up a washing job. However, not many parents think about a feasible third option, that is, elimination communication. This type of communication is about teaching potty or potty training.

Here is what Elimination Communication (EC) is all about.

  • EC is about training your infant child to go to the toilet whenever he wants to do so.
  • It is about trying to understand the way his body functions and connecting with the rhythms of his body. It’s about understanding their understanding.
  • Elimination Communication does not completely eradicates the use of Nappies. It makes use of nappies, however, only when essential, not always.
  • EC is all about making reduction in the ecological footprint of wastes, excreted by humans and caused due to disposal of nappies.
  • EC encourages self discipline since childhood. The kid becomes more responsible right from day one. EC also keep the child free of wearing such clogging diapers and tight cloths.

What is Elimination Communication

Investing your time in potty training your child is one of the best investments of you can have. Apart from the money you save in buying thousands of diapers, imagine a life where you don’t have to change clothes or diapers at all. Besides, the cleanliness it brings is something very impressive.

Elimination communication is not difficult at all. There are several books you can buy to start EC by yourself. Moreover, you will find several articles online that will guide you on how to potty train your child. Once you are done with the training, your life would be much easier.

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