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Five Concepts to Look for While trying Your Hand In Street Photography

Street Photography is a fun assignment to work on, believe us it is. The world is filled with various forms of character in it, not just humanly but also objectively or conceptually. Street Photography is all about finding the difference in the ordinary, and there is a lot of it. The most important key factor of Street Photography is only and only being Observant, it comes at the peak of the pyramid of Street Photography. You are going to be expressing moments and tiny little tales through that picture of yours which truly happened in it’s most organic form.

Here, is a video that shares what five basic things you can look for on the Street that will bring a concept and character to the pictures. Until we show the video, it didn’t even click with us on the fact. And believe us, these things won’t be that hard to spot, but keep being creative and don’t limit yourself to just these five of the concepts.


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