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Tricks to Go Invisible while Street Photographing

Street Photography is one of the fun genre of photography to explore into. It’s also considered as the learning step in the field of Photography. Photography is a concept filled with a lot of elements to back it up with. To different people, it serves a different purpose. But, according to us and a huge lot of people, it’s a Vision of the Photographer. It’s not about making something beautiful it’s about spotting something attractive or unique and capturing it. It’s about passing on a message through your pictures.

Street Photography involves a varied number of subjects which come and go, it’s about candid moments which can’t be artificial created, which are most of the times a one-time thing only. Street Photography involves Objects and People both individually or together in it with an appealing surrounding.

But, the stream comes with it’s own kind of struggles. One of it being the situation of clicking people without permission, which can offend or scare general public off and cause chaos for the photographer. Thus, the trick to go invisible in the crowd even with your camera and avoid the subject’s attention is very important.

Here, are some of the tips on how to sleazily avoid the subjects attention, the tips are very organic and based on general psychological concept.

1. Click, Pause & Move:-

When you caught an interesting subject you do like to capture raise your camera to it, click the picture and stop- pause. Generally, photographers in the process to try to be stealthy after clicking a picture create too much rush and movement, hence attracting attention and proving the suspicions of the said subject true. The trick is to always and always make your subject believe that you are trying to capture something that is behind them and not them actually. Thus, once you have clicked, pause for a dramatic 3 seconds before putting down your camera and moving on.

2. Keep Clicking by Stepping Closer:-

The thing in Street Photography is that you have a vast span of a frame which isn’t gonna stay still for you to capture your desired moment. Chances are your subject would be at a longer distance from you than your desire. Thus, the trick here is to keep clicking step by step as you keep moving closer. Keep adjusting your frame around the subject and avoid making an eye contact with your subject. Continue a bit till you have finally achieved your desired picture, this will again give your subject an illusion that you are in fact clicking something behind them.

3. Choose Wisely Between Making or Not Making Eye Contact:-

Generally, it is advised to avoid making eye contact just so as to stealthily capture the rawness of the moment and subject in it. So, when you have the motto to capture that kind off rawness doesn’t make eye contact with your subject before during or after the shot is taken along with following above-mentioned tips. But, if you search Street Photography pictures on Google, you will also spot numerous pictures wherein the subject is looking directly into the lens, even those kind of expression are very raw and humanly bringing about more character to your pictures. You could convince the subject later on about the picture while explaining them about some assignment you are on about and could actually show them the picture, just so as to show them the end result.

4. Pretend like You are Recording:-

With the Current trend catching on everyone, Vlogging has become a common sight for public, you would easily catch people recording video, which doesn’t bother anybody and won’t raise questions against you. Thus, pretend like you are video shooting, so keep your camera always in shooting mode, which will also help in capturing quick moments in their peak and not create hustle for anyone.

5. Dress & Body Language:-

The body language of the Street Photographer also tends to a great extend in capturing pictures. Try to be as casual and people friendly as you can be. Sometimes acting and being tourist will allow you to capture more pictures and other times it might backfire on you, and hence you might want to try and blend in the crowd and stay shuttle in your attire and mannerism.

Street Photography is a great platform to enhance your Photography career, so stay observant and learn normal human psychology and learn from your mistakes. Finally, enjoy the journey!

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