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Seven Pointers to Overcome the Fear & Consciousness that comes with Street Photography

We have been sharing with you all tips and various information relating to Street Photography, since we were a Street Photography enthusiast until our Instagram started filling up with more social media accepted classy pictures and also cause now our cameras are stuck in some nook of our study table. Yeah, we highly regret it and have promised to ourselves to get back at it with all the videos pumping up the enthusiasm in us to bring back our love for street photography. The open and wideness of this platform allow us to explore and research on our interests and then continue it on to pass on our acquired knowledge with you people.

In this post, Eric Kim Photography channel host, Eric himself shares with us, tips on how to overcome the fear and consciousness a Street Photographer goes through to click pictures out there. He shares some good seven pointers with very valid logic and human psychology. Along with his pointers, he shares his reasons and experiences along with some of his photos and stories behind it.


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