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Money Has The Power To Break Relationships

Money has crawled in our lives and made it’s place so prominently essential that it’s impossible to live without, can you believe it there was a time when there was the real thing as such which was termed as money, sounds delusional in today’s world. Anyway, the discussion is not about money itself, but the re-precautions that it causes in each and every individual’s life. We are all thought today time and time again to always be clear about money matters with each and every human, be it anybody from parents to lovers to strangers. There are piles of stories about how unclear financial situation between people results in a destruction of an otherwise well-built relationship.

Today most of us are working and earning of our own despite what gender you fall into, but if you are with someone and share your finances with them it’s important that both people share equal decision making power and equal influence on their finances.

Here The Financial Diet Hosts share with us what are the signs of a Financially toxic Relationship and how to prepare yourself to get out of it.


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