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What is Bog Snorkelling?

Bog SnorkellingBog snorkelling is a tradition and a sport wherein the participants, usually two at a time, compete against each other to cover the distance of about 60 yards of trench filled with water. The one who reaches the end line first is the winner. This trench is cut through peat bog.

Competitors are asked to wear snorkels and flippers while participating in the race. They are not allowed to swim through the bog, but move ahead only using the power of the flippers. Wearing wet suit is not a compulsion, but most participants usually wear.

Which part of the world?

Started in Wales, United Kingdom. However, many countries like Australia, North Ireland, and Ireland also hold this competition.

History :

It was initially started in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales, United Kingdom in the year 1976. There is no specific history of this event, but it has been said that it begun due to a casual conversation over the bar between some regular visitors and Gordon Green.

World Bog Snorkelling Championship :

For many years after the sport was found, it was played just as a casual event. However, in 1985 the first World Bog Snorkelling Championship was played. Since then, it is organized every year on August Bank Holiday, in Waen Rhydd peat bog, which is situated near Llanwrtyd Wells in mid-Wales. The numbers of participants are increasing every year. On the last year, there were about 200 participants in the world championship. This championship is organized and sponsored by Fun Swim Shop.

What is Bog Snorkelling

However, lately, there are some issues regarding the sponsorship of the event. In 2006, it was sponsored by an IT company in London, SPMK. In the following two years, there were no sponsors.

Record Holders :

Dan Morgan recently became the new champion by breaking the record of Joanne Pitchforth. The fasted time recorded by Dan Morgan was 1m 30.6s to become an undisputed champion in the men’s category. In the women’s category, Dineka Maguire is the champion. And in the junior’s category, the champion is John Hilliard.

In many places, this championship is conducted on a mountain bike, where people use a bike to snorkel through the bog.

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