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What is Email phishing?

Phishing is way used by criminal to trap internet users into their fraudulent plans and extract money from them. Phishing can be of many types. It can be through websites, email, text messages and so on. Out of these, Email phishing is the most common one. When a criminal gets your email id, an email is sent, which looks as if sent from an authentic source or a trusted institution, government or corporate entity.m

Email phishingHere are few facts about email phishing that will help you differentiate it from an authentic one.

  • The content of such phishing emails is designed to convince the reader for quick action. It can be some sort of upsetting or very interesting data that might trigger action instantly. It might ask you to reply urgently to verify your data. However, one of the most easy ways to recognize a phishing mail is that it is not usually a personalized email.
  • In most cases Email phishing content will ask you to validate, confirm, verify or update your personal data or it would say that you might have to face dire consequences like closure of bank account or so on.
  • These emails contain data, logos and pictures that look very similar to the real content on the official website. Hence, it becomes quite difficult for the user to differentiate between official and phishing email.
  • The email might use any of the following statements:
  •  Your online banking information needs to be update as a part of our continuous effort to keep your account safe from frauds and scams.
  •  You have one unread message from your banking account. Please log in to read.
  •  We regret to have locked your bank account. Kindly call on the following number to unlock your account access.

Here are few ways to avoid Email phishing :

  • If any email asks you to urgently reply, especially with your banking account details, avoid it.
  • Never send any kind of information on any email reply or a fishy website.
  • Don’t simply get away with the looks. Verify if the website has ‘https’ and not just ‘http’.
  • Keep in touch with your bank official regularly. In case you receive any such emails, first ask the bank officials whether such a query is authentic.
  • Lastly, never deposit all your money in one bank account.

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